We share our ethical approach because we are proud to be completely transparent. Everything used to create a Māsa product is organic, recycled and fair to both: the animal and the human world. 

Not just any silk

We don’t just use any silk, we adopt non-violent peace silk. A fabric born out of a deep awakening and reflection on the unjust and violent practises carried out amongst the majority of silk producing factories.

The Peace silk, or the so called ‘vegan silk’ we use is produced without killing the silkworms from organic silk rearing. This method, literally allows millions of butterflies to live. Responsibly sourced and organically dyed is just the beginning; our suppliers pay well above the industry standards providing a better future for both their staff and the planet. All the big leftover cuts of fabric are given to the local fashion academy students while the small cuts are used to create filling for pillows. 

The importance of dye

We implement an organic process when dying our peace silk using natural pigments only. These earthly shades can be reused, recycled, creating zero waste product. Organic dyes are void of chemicals meaning not only do they refrain from damaging to the planet’s delicate oceans, rivers and lakes but your body too.


Safe working environment, satisfactory pay. Our team of 4 talented, female ateliers are as far removed from the usual ‘sweatshop worker’ scenario. We maintain extremely limited production lines to maintain exceptional high quality from a small design studio based in Latvia. And yes, every single product is handmade with loads of love and attention. 


Organic only, always. We believe in creating a safe future not only for the planet but for our customers, that’s why we adopt natural materials that have been around for ages: silk, cotton and cupro.

Raw Material Origins

We strive to maintain a balance between our environmental footprint and upholding the most exceptional quality raw materials. For complete transparency please find each of the Māsa components origins detailed below.


Non-violent peace silk & organza


Recycled PET yarn
Organic Cotton Elastic




Finest organic pima Cotton