Comfort; not compromise.

Life is to be indulged in. An exciting journey to new, enriching places. Mental and physical. Māsa believes that the basis of these enriching journeys starts with comfort, comfort in our mind, comfort in our bodies. We make lingerie that create a pure feeling, peace of mind, all whilst being undeniably luxurious.

Silk and organic dyeing

Silk is a respected, alluring material – for good reason. From it’s moisture wicking and temperature maintaining properties to its breathable nature. Rich, soft and unimaginably comfortable. Lingerie connects with your body and that’s why we chose to utilise this material and its qualities… but not just any silk.

Ours is sourced responsibly and in a non-violent manor, Ahimsa silk or peace silk is process void of exploitation. The process of making it takes way longer than any conventional silk, but the result is an incredibly soft and long lasting material. Peace silk reflects the attitude of mankind towards animals, allowing butterflies to live and making the fabric good for you and for the natural world.

Almost all of the clothes we’re wearing today are dyed using awful lots of water and toxic dyes. However, the information about their effect on our skin and the ingredients used is rarely presented on our clothing labels. Pollution created in the dyeing process is doing terrible harm to people, our rivers and oceans. This is one of the main reasons why Māsa was started. We dye our fabrics with non-toxic, GOTS certified dyes while recycling and re-using 100% of all the water. So that nothing can harm your skin when wearing or sleeping on our organic silk products.

The force behind Māsa



The main force behind Māsa Organic. A music producer who believes in true fashion, strong women and natural materials.



An eye for detail and design. He’s been there from the very beginning which is why he’s probably the most lingerie informed man on the planet.



A young user experience expert and the one behind all the operations. Stefa takes all the smallest aspects into account in order to make Māsa run smoothly.

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