Comfort; not compromise.

We make sustainable essentials that create a pure feeling, peace of mind, all whilst being undeniably luxurious.

The Founder:

It was a couple of years ago when me and my mom went through her closet and found a bunch of silk shirts from the 80s. For me, it was love at first sight; incredibly soft material that looks great even after years of wear and tear. That was the first time when I learned about the preciousness of silk.

I took a silk shirt with some stains on it, cut those off and made a pillowcase out of it. And there, on that first night when I slept on it, I decided: I want to make silk products because everyone should experience this. However, if I do it, I want to do it right. And that’s how the search for sustainable silk begun…

The force behind Māsa



The main force behind Māsa Organic. A musician (ANNNA) who believes in true fashion, strong women and natural materials.



An eye for detail and design. He’s been there from the very beginning which is why he’s probably the most lingerie informed man on the planet.



A young user experience expert and the one behind all the operations. Stefa takes all the smallest aspects into account in order to make Māsa run smoothly.

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