Māsa: an organic silk bra designed for everyday use


The November 28th launch of the world’s first affordable-luxury, eco lingerie Māsa Organic. Māsa is an wholly organic lingerie brand. Responsibly sourced and handmade by master ateliers using natural materials that complement your body; without compromising on comfort. They bring together non-violent, organically dyed silk, sustainable values and a vision to balance durability and design.

They pride themselves on creating minimalistic products designed to withstand everyday annual wear. Cut from organic silk satin, the North and South bra can be worn in two straight and racerback styles. Each bra is hand made and lavished with 24K gold detailing.



Designed and shipped from their studio in Amsterdam Māsa operate in a ultra-transparent nature detailing where each material, a majority from the Europe, is sourced. Māsa has eliminated any chemicals that cause harm to both people and planet with their compassionate production process. The brand believes that ‘everyday comfort is the bare minimum you should expect from an everyday item of clothing’ they just so happen to make their pieces organic and to an extremely high ethical standard.

The Māsa brand and their affordable-luxury eco lingerie bras launch on the 28th of November. Available online and in chosen design boutiques in Amsterdam.

Māsa organic silk bras are hand made using eco dyed peace silk and organic materials without costing the planet. The collection aims to distill comfort, sensual design and environmental ethics to create luxury lingerie products for everyday wear.



Download our press package here: Māsa Organic Press Pack.
And for more details contact Māsa on hi@masa.organic.