Eco laundry bag


Wear organic, wash sustainably.

This 100% organic cotton washing bag is especially made in order to protect your delicates when washed in the laundry machine. Wash in on low temperature and make sure to use a mild/organic detergent. With a size of 15 x 20 cm it’s perfect for pillowcases and panties.

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Wash Sustainably
Make sure to put your washing machine on “hand wash/delicates” program, wash in low temperature and use an ecological washing liquid. We highly recommend to hand wash your Māsa Organic silk bra though.

Wash Less
Our peace silk is an incredibly natural and breathable material, which means that it gets dirty way less often than any other material. So the most sustainable thing to do is to wear more and wash less <3

Additional information


100% Organic Cotton, Made in an OEKO-TEX certified factory in China.


Each washing bag will be packaged in a custom māsa recycled paper packaging.


0.20 kg

Package size

17 x 23 x 3 cm


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