South Silk Bralette

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Our pearl white Māsa bra. Handcrafted from organically dyed, non-violent peace silk, organic cotton and 24k gold plated hardware.

Designed in Amsterdam. Crafted in Europe.

Sizing Guide
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Double Sided Cups
Lavishly lined silk, inside and out, so you feel both comfort and luxury.

Lightly Padded
Creating a beautiful, seamless form allowing your body to breathe.

Convertible Straps
Everyday wear could entail a myriad of occasions. The Māsa bra can be worn over the shoulders or across the back for even more comfort and support.

24K Gold
Gold is resistant to chemical corrosion and tarnishing meaning the Māsa bra, even down to the hardware, will maintain its vibrancy all whilst adding a little luxury.

Organic Elastic
Our chemical free elastic featured in the straps give you the freedom to move around without constriction during any activity or event adapting to your form as you go about your day and night.

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Small, Medium, Large

The fit

Each bralette has 3 adjustable hook and eye closures as well as both of the cross back straps are fully convertible in length and position. In order to make sure we've got your size, check out our precise sizing guide.

Washing instructions

Silk is the most breathable and delicate material in the world. With the right care, your bralette will last for years without losing quality. It keeps you cold during the summer and warm during winter. As a result, it does not sweat that much nor it needs as frequent washing as the other materials. We suggest just rinsing it with cold water and some hand soap in your sink once in a while and you are good to go.
Read more detailed instructions in our FAQ's.


Each bralette will be packaged in a custom māsa recycled paper gift box and wrapped in silk paper in order to keep the silk completely protected.


0.45 kg


33 x 44 x 7.5 cm


  1. Nicole

    In the beginning I was afraid that it would spot fast -never really had a bra in any other color than black before. But I have to be honest that it took a while before I had to wash it and that it stayed as white as I bought it straight after washing.

  2. Luna

    I love my masa bra so much! It’s extremely comfortable and soft on the skin. It’s very light-weight, so you don’t really notice that you’re wearing a bra, which is exactly what I was looking for.

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