Pure Mulberry Silk Headband


A treat for your hair: a pure silk satin headband. Made from the particularly heavy silk in three colours: midnight black, deep brown or matte gold.

Designed in Amsterdam.

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Healthy Hair

Lavishly lined silk for your comfort and luxury daily.

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Midnight Black, Deep Brown, Matt Gold


Silk is the most breathable and delicate material in the world. With the right care, your silk pillowcase will last for years without losing quality. Make sure to wash your silk productds in a safe and environmentally friendly matter.

Washing instructions

Make sure to put your washing machine on “hand wash/delicates” program and use an ecological washing liquid, in that way you’ll keep the silk in it’s best form.


Each products will be packaged in a custom māsa recycled paper gift box and wrapped in silk paper in order to keep the silk completely protected.


0.15 kg

Package size

27 x 23 x 3 cm


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